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Shuuuufle...or Boogie!!

. Applications~ When posting an application, please use the following format: Post your application in an LJ-cut with the title "Shuffle or Boogie." Your application should contain the following: Name, Age, How you found the community, Favorite video game, Favorite Final Fantasy game (KH counts too, I guess), Favorite FFVIII character and why, Least favorite FFVIII character and why, Favorite movie, Favorite music (not type; bands and songs only, please). In case you're confused, a sample application can be found at the top of the community

Name: Natalie :3 or Natchan...
Age: 16
How I found the comm.: Through aikoe's LJ :3 She is t3h rock <3
Favorite game: Legend of Mana (PS1)
Favorite FF: Hmmm...FFIX and FFX-2
Character: Probably Quistis, because I think she's mature and smart and...uh, yeah, I dunno, she's pretty too O__o Haven't really gotten past the second disc though, so i dunno if she changes much or not...
Least fave: Probably...Seifer, believe it or not (sorry Laura XD;). I just...I dunno, I don't like him much. His attitude, I guess. I don't like people like him >.>
Movie: Mmm...probably Independence Day, w/Will Smith XDDD Man, I love that movie so much T__T *wants to watch it now*
Music: Dir en grey and Gazette, both jrock. I also listen to quite a bit of j-indies stuff :D Panic Channel, AnCafe, bis, KuRT, etc...favorite song at the moment? That one Sendai Kamotsu song that's "Chinchin teki something", lol...and "Melty Love" by Shazna...and "Love Song" by Luna Sea..."Miseinen" by Gazette...yeah, a lot x.x

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